Picture of Heidi Gunkle

Hi there! My name is Heidi and I have had a thirst for knowledge in art since the age of five. This led me to pursue art as a career. I was fascinated by learning how certain techniques in different mediums can make a blank canvas come alive. My mother owned a frame-shop and taught fine art classes. She also instructed me in oil, acrylics, water color, charcoal, graphite, rug hooking, pen and ink, and pastels. I enjoy arts and crafts, fundraising for organizations, and participating in many art shows. My paintings hang in homes across the United States, which includes a former Senator of Pennsylvania and a museum in New Mexico, as well as abroad into Europe.

I received a BA degree at Pennsylvania State University in Anthropology and honors in Special Education. I was also taught in museum studies about how to create exhibits and worked at the William Penn museum in Harrisburg. I worked under some of the professors to create artwork for publications and even drew bones of the human body for my professors’ classes! I have written and illustrated a children’s book, “The Dog that had too Much Hair” and written a poem with other poets which was published in, “Beyond the Sea”. I plan to write more stories and poetry. I love teaching children and adults in fine art. I love to cook, perform puppetry, illustrate people, animals and any other subject. My art is displayed for sale on Fine Arts America and you can find it by clicking HERE. Working for “Art and a Bottle” has a friendly atmosphere and makes me feel part of the family.