Calligraphy Class

Intro to Calligraphy (Limited Seating!!)

Class day: 
Friday, Jul 21, 2017
6:00pm to 8:30pm
$30.00per seat
A Little Bit About Lin
Lin Roussel first discovered her love for the fine art of calligraphy during high school and has been doing it ever since! Now, with 30+ years of experience, Lin creates and sells unique invitations and cards for events and special occasions. A Lancaster County resident all her life, Lin has shared her love of calligraphy with individuals and groups, and looks forward to teaching this ancient form of writing at Art and a Bottle!

Look around and you probably see some form of calligraphy in your daily life. It looks pretty difficult! This class will pull back the curtain for you and have you walking away happy and impressed with yourself and your new skill!! The class will be very relaxed and should last approximately 2.5 hours. We are not placing any age restrictions on the class but we're thinking anyone under the age of 12 may find this more difficult and therefore, not as enjoyable. You know your children best though!

There is no prior skill level needed so do not be afraid! Lin will be guiding you through the process of learning the 5 different important pen strokes which are then put together to make letters and numbers. After practicing these strokes we will be learning and practicing writing the alphabet (upper and lower case), and then taking what we've learned to make greeting cards (as many as you like)! Now you don't need to make a greeting card but we do remind you the Mother's Day is right around the corner!!

As this is a beginner class, we will be using felt tip pens to learn with and we will be providing all necessary supplies.. You will be amazed at how fun and rewarding learning calligraphy can be!

This class is BYOB so bring what you like!

Please do the following:

1. Please identify the age of any children who will be attending with you.

Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the class start so that you can get situated as we will begin the class promptly at the scheduled start time. Be sure to tell us (when you're registering) if you're with a group and provide their names so we can seat you together..

Intro to Calligraphy!